What we offer

Science & Technology

We work with business units in research and evaluation of products that meet the needs of our customers and go along with productivity gains.

Specialized Veterinary Clinical Research service in poultry and swine with the implementation and execution of Clinical Studies for the Development and Registration of Products.

We offer specialized consultancy in swine, poultry, cattle, and fish nutrition and production. We guarantee the certification of products and processes in the production chains with efficiency and reliability.

We create new products in partnership with researchers and we are able to present solutions that are effective for the market through technology transfer.

In partnership with companies, we are the link with the producer. We carry out tests and application of technologies in the field, and our goal is to make the development of agribusiness easier, transforming our clients’ results.

We apply the study of algorithms to predict results using Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, bringing the technology to animal production along with our areas of expertise.

Where we operate?

Where the field and the Science meet!

Successful breeding is with Animalnutri!
We are specialized in consultancy and research, aiming for productivity and quality in animal production.



The Brazilian swine industry has grown a lot in the past few years and is following the path of the industrialization of farms, animal welfare, health and increasingly efficient nutrition.



Cattle farming has become increasingly professionalized, after all, it is necessary to ensure good ruminant management and production practices. Keeping a healthy cattle brings gains to the producer, according to the market in which they opperate (milk or beef).



The consumption of eggs in Brazil reaches 250 units per person in a year. As one of our protein sources, this kind of food moves an enormous market, including exportation. Likewise, chicken is considered one of 15 the most appreciated meats by Brazilians and because of that, investing in poultry nutrition means ensuring quality products for consumers.



With the growth of aquaculture in Brazil, the search for efficient fish farming methods has increased, since each species has its particularities and must follow certain types of management.


Animalnutri is a company specialized in consultancy and applied research in animal production, serving the areas of swine, poultry, cattle and fish.


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