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Quality and confidence

Animalnutri is credibility and confidence in animal production

Animalnutri is a company specialized in consultancy and applied research in animal production, serving the areas of swine, poultry, cattle, and fish.


The Brazilian swine industry has been growing a lot in past years and follows the line of increasingly efficient animal welfare and nutrition.


Poultry is considered as one of the most appreciated meats in Brazil. Investing in poultry nutrition is guaranteeing quality products for final consumers.


Keeping a healthy cattle brings gains to the producer, according to the market in which they operate (milk or meat).


With the growth of aquaculture in Brazil, the demand for fish farming efficient methods has increased.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform our clients business through methods that makes the application of technologies in animal health and nutrition much easier, generating value to the production chain. Encourage and support research development in educational institutions and promote innovation in field in an independent and efficient way.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the national reference in the production of scientific and technic information on nutrition and animal health, thus providing our costumers a competitive edge.





Integrity and ethics / Excellence in service / Quality / Reliability / Agility / Human appreciation / Professionalism






Animal production consultancy for more than 40 national and multinational companies.

Handling / Production / Management / Nutrition

We are researchers motivated by the constant improvement of techniques and methodologies that provide benefits for the management of rational nutrition and animal health in the production system, side with both cost and performance, factors that make up the equation of economic availbility.

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Animalnutri is a company specialized in consultancy and applied research in animal production, serving the areas of swine, poultry, cattle and fish.


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