Nossa história

Our consultancies servedmore than 250,000 swine
producers from partner companies in Brazil.



2006 – Animalnutri foundation

Animalnutri is a company of consultancy and research in animal production,
focused on the areas of swine, poultry, cattle and fish farming.

2010 - Incubation

The company started the
incubation process, developing and emerging in the field.

2015 - Team expansion

Constantly growing,
Animalnutri reached another level, with a stronger team, specially in the
consulting area.

2018 - Business units

Beginning of the expansion of applied research through the implementation of
experimental units in a swine farm in Patos de Minas (MG), where an in loco
team performs most of our experiments.

2019 - New partnerships

With the advancement of
business and the search of new partnerships, we started to work on an
experimental poultry farm in Lavras (MG). Also in Lavras, we made the physical
structure with Lavras Technological Park, which will soon be fully operational.

2020 - New expansion

We signed new partnerships with a cattle research center in
Extrema (MG).

Nossos diferenciais

Porque contratar?

• Credibility and confidence in the
• Independent and free
of commercial relationship work
• Clear and committed
• Staff involved with science and
• Research
Center direct on farms (field units)
• New products appraisal
• Constantly expanding portfolio
• Direct technology application
• Rational Nutrition Management
• Support for the
development of academic research


Nossa equipe

Somos formados por uma equipe multidisciplinar e especializada em produção animal, com vasta experiência prática e atualizada nas mais recentes técnicas de gestão estratégica do mercado. Conheça nossos profissionais:

Vinícius Cantarelli (FOUNDER) –Zootechnist, Post-Doc in Nutrition and
Animal Production
Gustavo Gattás – Zootechnist, DSc. in Nutrition and Animal Production
Cesar Augusto P. Garbossa – Veterianian, DSc. In Nutrition and Animal Production
Maíra Resende – Veterianian, MSc. In Nutrition and Animal Production
Fabrício Faleiros – Zootechnist, DSc. in Nutrition and Animal Production
Rhuan Chaves – Zootechnist, MSc. in Nutrition and Animal Production
Mateus Pies Gionbelli – Zootechnist, DSc. in Nutrition and Animal Production


Our staff has vast experience and bring to our customers the most modern technologies in handling, production, management and nutrition techniques that are found in the market. We have technologies that improve the production system in farms and directly impact the profit, always along with the needs of the breeders.


Our business units are located in three cities in Minas Gerais and we seek to align scientific research with field knowledge. We support research institutions in academic projects and believe in the development potential that universities provide to our society. Animalnutri is credibility and trust in animal production!

Como trabalhamos

The way we work is totally independent,
free of any type of commercial bond. Our focus is on the customer and on the
benefits that the management of rational nutrition and animal health can provide
to the production system, both in terms of cost and performance, factors that
make up the economy equasion reliable.